NewThing Covenant

God is uniting us here to journey with Him as a new mission outpost called NewThing.
Please prayerfully consider being "all in" on this great adventure!

We are asking all who are led to be on the NewThing journey
(ages 13 and up) and make this their regular church home to fill out and commit to this covenant as we seek to grow together in Christ with an every day faith!

By signing this covenant I am declaring my commitment to NewThing’s mission as the Holy Spirit is “igniting people to follow Jesus with an every day faith” through an UP - IN - OUT rhythm of life based in the values of being...
  1. Welcoming and Authentic
  2. Gospel-Centered
  3. Legacy Makers
(UP) Developing Spiritual Rhythms:
I seek to develop spiritual rhythms that help me follow Jesus with an every day faith, including:
  • An eagerness to study God’s Word and converse with Him in prayer
  • A posture of worship and gratitude before God that includes participating regularly in corporate worship and partaking in the Lord’s Supper
(IN) Experiencing Community:
I see the value of walking with others as I seek to follow Jesus.
I commit to journeying with others in community so the Body of Christ can be built up in Him.
  • I will actively seek to equip and encourage other Christ-followers so NewThing is a Gospel-centered, disciple-making movement 
  • I am willing to have others speak into my heart and hold me accountable as we read God’s Word, pray, serve, and do life together 
  • I will protect the unity of the church by acting in love towards others
(OUT) Live It Out!:
I will live out my Christian faith in my daily journey by…
  • Bearing witness to what God has done in my life 
  • Praying for specific people to meet and follow Jesus 
  • Sharing the tangible grace and love of Christ with people where I live, work, and play 
  • Warmly welcoming all who connect with NewThing